Specialty Dental Services

Good dental care plays a crucial role in the quality of your pet's life.

See below to learn about the specialized dental services we offer at Animal Dental and Surgery Specialists of Castle Pines.

Related Services

State-of-the-art surgical procedures that are safe and effective.

Dental Cleaning (COHAT)

Our pets need their teeth cleaned, just like us! We provide Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) services. This involves taking full dental radiographs followed by the cleaning and charting of each tooth in the mouth. 

Pet Oral Disease

At Animal Dental and Surgery Specialists of Castle Pines, we offer extensive pet oral disease diagnosis and treatment services.

Dental Radiography

We offer a complete assessment of your pet's teeth including pre- and post-operative imaging.

Cone Beam CT

High-quality 3D imaging is invaluable for accurate diagnosis and treatment. We have the ability to utilize our Cone Beam CT to ensure we have obtained all information to correctly evaluate the extent of the issue and possible treatment options.

Pet Teeth Restorations

There are several reasons that veterinary patients may benefit from tooth restorations. Fractured teeth, congenital problems with enamel and occasionally cavities all may require careful restoration of the damage. This is not simply a cosmetic issue—the weakened dental structures will wear or fracture more easily, causing discomfort and putting the tooth at risk of infection and death.

Jaw Fracture Repair

A fractured jaw is a serious problem and needs to be treated with skill and expertise. Some of the challenges with repairing a fractured jaw include avoiding damage to the remaining teeth, preserving the function and comfort of the occlusion (the bite), and managing polytrauma associated with the injury. Our veterinarians have specialized equipment and extensive experience with both maxillary and mandibular fracture repair.


Our pets do not need a perfect occlusion, but they do deserve one that is healthy and comfortable. Malocclusions can cause both soft tissue trauma as well as significant damage to teeth. Our veterinarians will consult on any occlusion problems your pet may be experiencing and can help guide you in the most appropriate treatment for their condition. We offer several options for the treatment of malocclusion, including interceptive orthodontics (selective extraction of teeth that may be causing problems), crown reduction with vital pulp therapy, and orthodontic movement of teeth.


When the pulp (blood supply and nerve) of a tooth is exposed by a fracture, the tooth will become infected and die. Or, a concussive force to a tooth can sever the blood supply of the tooth resulting in a dead tooth; a dead (or non-vital tooth) is at high risk for infection or cyst formation. To prevent potential discomfort and inflammation, these teeth need to be either extracted or treated with root canal therapy. Root canal therapy involves cleaning, shaping, disinfecting, and filling the inside of a dead or fractured tooth, then restoring the fracture site with a tooth-colored composite. Our Doctors have the extensive training and specialized equipment to properly perform endodontic therapy, including both standard and surgical root canal therapy as well as vital pulp therapy.


Periodontal disease is nearly universal in dogs and cats, with 80% of dogs and cats being affected by the age of 3 years old. We offer advanced treatment options for your pet's strategic teeth and comprehensive dental care including full mouth extractions if needed.